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Your authorized dealer will design and install everything you need to take control of your home or business.

BitWise Controls iPad Home Automation GUI - Blackman Innovate

Example DVR control page, featuring ‘Innovate’ interface

User Interfaces

Instead of requiring expensive dedicated touch-panels, our system lets you use the smart devices you already own. You can use any combination of Apple and Android phones and tablets to control every aspect of your home, office, or classroom. Since the interface is custom tailored by your installer to fit your needs, you can be assured of a fast, simple, and intuitive solution.

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BitWise Controls - Room Remote

All the power and capability of remotes costing many times more

Room Remote

Room Remote is a handheld remote controller. It communicates with our Automation Controllers via RF (Radio Frequency) and synchronizes activity selection on all your User Interface devices.

Learn About Room Remote

Automation Controllers - BitWise Controls - BC1 - BC2 - BC4

Each BitWise installation requires one or more of our powerful automation controllers.

Automation Controllers

Our network-enabled controllers are the heart of every BitWise Controls installation. These devices provide the intelligence and connectivity to control virtually any electronic device or sub-system.

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