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Manage Your World with the BitWise Control App

When we get feedback about BitWise systems, people are always impressed with the controllers. But what they rave about is our control apps.

As mentioned in a previous post, even CE Pro writer Julie Jacobsen was amazed while at ISE 2013 when she saw a complicated $200,000+ home theater set-up run with ease by “little more than an iPad app and a $1,500 box from BitWise.”

We’re proud of the control apps we’ve created for iOS and Android devices, because they’re easy to use on the phone or tablet you already own. Your dealer can customize the app to fit your specific needs and preferences, whether your system is installed at home or at work.

Mark Buster, our Chief Technology Officer, explains, “Our app allows dealers to create the best possible experience for our customers. That may include creating a stripped down interface for the kids, and a complete whole-home control interface for Mom and Dad.”

That means little Susie and Joe might be able to control the lights and stereo from the tablet, but Mom and Dad can limit TV usage by reserving that access for the control interfaces on their phones.

Of course, BitWise isn’t just for home use. Our system is robust and can handle the demands of your business environment, too. From your iPad, you can easily adjust volume sliders, dimmers, keypads, status indicators and more.


Sports bars often have multiple games playing at once, and with our app the bar manager can control the volume and channel of every one from a single device.

The app interface is about to get even more useful. Soon, module add-ons will be available that allow new functionalities to be introduced into the control app in a matter of seconds or minutes…instead of the hours or days of work needed with other control systems.


Soon, dealers will be able to easily add modules to the control app, such as this weather module that allows users to monitor the weather in multiple locations.

bitwise_weather_badges_full_frame_croppedThe flexible nature of the BitWise control app and the availability of module add-ons makes this system completely customizable for every user’s needs.

With an easy-to-use interface, flexible framework that allows customization of look and function, and the ability to support both home and business environments, it’s no wonder the BitWise app is a favorite with users and industry experts alike.

Even if you don’t have a BitWise control system installed yet, you can try out the app for free from the Google Play Store or from the iTunes App Store.

  • http://www.customtheaterandsoundsystems.com Noreen Dambrosio

    woul like to know more about product

  • http://www.facebook.com/bruce.mcintyre Bruce A McIntyre

    Have an HAI Omni Pro II and also a Google TV (Linksys) for audio/tv control. How can I use Bitwise control to work with one or both? The Google TV is WI-FI enabled. (So is the Omni)

    • Sales

      Hi Bruce,
      Currently, BitWise Controls does not have any of the modules or drivers for HAI Omni Pro II. In the near future we will have third party modules, so please stay tuned! Our controllers could control the Google TV, most likely via IR.

      • Jason Aldous

        We have written a full 2 way driver for Bitwise to control all current HAI controllers. It will be on the new module store soon.

  • Anthony Onyenefo Kenechukwu

    Please, i need to join your forum so that i can be able get some supports and discussion as regards Bitwise controls and Apps. I am a programmer and i have done some programs with Bitwise App.

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