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BitWise Controls Nest Thermostat GUI Module

“The BitWise Controls Nest Module makes it incredibly simple for integrators to add Nest thermostats to the BitWise platform,” says Mark Buster, Chief Technology Officer of BitWise Controls. “By downloading the Nest Module from our Online Dealer Store, integrators will be able to immediately offer slick integration of the Nest Learning Thermostat into their customer’s BitWise Controls systems.”

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BitWise Controls Yamaha YNCA AVR Module

Our new Yamaha YNCA AVR Module makes it easier to set up, design, and install a wide variety of products and subsystems. Compatible with all receivers that support the YNCA protocol, the BitWise Yamaha GUI Module allows end-users to navigate and

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BitWise Room Remote

Room Remote is our first hard-button remote control. It works in conjunction with our control apps for iOS and Android devices, and replaces all the other remotes cluttering up your coffee table. It was designed to be a simple,

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